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01.Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
02.Udaloy-Klasse-U-Jagd-Zerstörer-Bausatz B7524K
03.Vosper Torpedoboot Perkasa-Bausatz C7564K
04.U31(Typ 212A) AIP-U-Boot-Bausatz C7615K
05.Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
06.Flugkörperschnellboot-143A-Bausatz B7574K
07.Germany Type VIIC Submarine ARTR C7602F
08.Typ 039 Klasse Song-Bausatz C7603K
09.Kirow-Klasse Schlachtkreuzer-Bausatz A7569K
10.Projekt 877EKM/636 Klasse Kilo-Bausatz B7616K
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Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
Germany Type VIIC Submarine ARTR C7602F

This ARTR include a completed display model,but still ready for RC functions. 无标题文档
ARTR introduction:
Almost ready to run (ARTR)! Built by ARKMODEL master's handcraft!
Suit for displaying and RC running.
Only need plug in WTC, the model will run soon!
ARTR included:
Finished boat is an installde model. Painted by Arkmodel master. But WTC and other electronic parts which are in WTC such as motor, pump, ESC, ERS, RC battery are not included. Upgrade parts such as mast elevation system, camera /video system are also not included.If you need buy these, please check parts list below. We can fix these parts in boat for you freely.If you need appoint special painting, such as a different country, a different period. If changed in a large, you may pay extra cost.
Delivery time:
If not in stock, Kit delivery time is 3-5 weeks, ARTR delivery time is 5-10 weeks.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 08. Januar 2013 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.

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   Akkus (11)
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   Bootsständer (33)
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   Mixer (1)
   Motor (18)
   Packung (74)
   Piston Tank (3)
   Propeller (2)
   Schraube (19)
   Servosystem (6)
   Tauchsystem (36)
   Torpedo (25)
   UBEC (1)