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01.Wasserdichter Umkehrschalter Yangtze24V50A
02.Ballast control unit BCU1220
03.Umkehrschalter Yangtze16V16A
05.Unidirectional electronic switches Yangtze 30V1A
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Udaloy-Klasse-U-Jagd-Zerstörer-Bausatz B7524K
Udaloy-Klasse-U-Jagd-Zerstörer-Bausatz B7524K

Optional PartPressure Switch, it helps submarine’s maximum depth is limited to approx. 2 meters (6 ft). If the submarine dives below this level, the BCU will automatically switch to the "surfacing mode" and empty the Tank. The model will then resurface unless the three-stage switch (stick) is back in neutral position. Otherwise, with the stick left at "filling mode" the model will emerge to a depth above 2 meters after which the tank will start filling again (and so on).In order to maintain the depth of sailing in about two meters.

Pressure Switch installation: Pressure switch can be mounted anywhere inside the hull(WTC), let silicone tube be leveled , and the tube is connected to the bow endcap’s nozzle, pay attention to water leak at the nozzle. The nozzle should be connect the outside and touch water, so the pressure switch can sense the depth of water pressure.For avoid additional errors pressure (such as head-flow pressure), single hull submarines(without WTC), please using an external elbow, avoid direct water pressure impact pipelines.For a double hull submarine(with WTC) because the enternal hull can block the water flow, the nozzle can be directly facing forward.

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