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01.Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
02.Udaloy-Klasse-U-Jagd-Zerstörer-Bausatz B7524K
03.Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
04.Vosper Torpedoboot Perkasa-Bausatz C7564K
05.U31(Typ 212A) AIP-U-Boot-Bausatz C7615K
06.Flugkörperschnellboot-143A-Bausatz B7574K
07.Germany Type VIIC Submarine ARTR C7602F
08.Typ 039 Klasse Song-Bausatz C7603K
09.Projekt 877EKM/636 Klasse Kilo-Bausatz B7616K
10.Kirow-Klasse Schlachtkreuzer-Bausatz A7569K
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LA-Feuerlöschboot 2-Bausatz B7570K
LA-Feuerlöschboot 2-Bausatz B7570K
Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K

This kit include all hardware for build a model.Update functions need extra parts. 无标题文档
Kit introduction:
This is a HIGH QUALITY model kit.
Designed by detailed drawing and resource.
Suit for building an RC model or a static display model.
Hull and all components are the ABS plastic injection forming.
Part of the detail components and power components can provide metal material, CNC precision machining and become upgrade kit.
Kit includes colour decal.
Kit includes large size brass photo etch.
Kit includes huge size drawing.
Kit includes 3D illustrated step by step instruction.
Kit included:

This kit(hull) comes with almost everything that needs to build an RC running model. Kit includes all plastic parts, metal parts, brass etching tablet, water stickers, drawings, specifications, and installation of the chamber components.
Used to drive the submarine voyage, snorkeling chamber, all the mechanical and electronic equipment, such as motors, pumps, steering gear, electronic governor, electronic switch, remote control equipment, batteries, etc., are installed in the chamber internal, chamber need to buy separate. Chamber is divided into single tank and double tank two, when buying, please pay special attention to. Coating and glue are not included in the hull in the suite. You can be in the list of web pages to choose to buy.

Delivery time:
If not in stock, Kit delivery time is 3-5 weeks, ARTR delivery time is 5-10 weeks.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 19. November 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.

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Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
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