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01.Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
02.Udaloy-Klasse-U-Jagd-Zerstörer-Bausatz B7524K
03.Germany Type VIIC Submarine KIT C7602K
04.Vosper Torpedoboot Perkasa-Bausatz C7564K
05.U31(Typ 212A) AIP-U-Boot-Bausatz C7615K
06.Flugkörperschnellboot-143A-Bausatz B7574K
07.Germany Type VIIC Submarine ARTR C7602F
08.Typ 039 Klasse Song-Bausatz C7603K
09.Projekt 877EKM/636 Klasse Kilo-Bausatz B7616K
10.Kirow-Klasse Schlachtkreuzer-Bausatz A7569K
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TrenchRover 110ROV underwater robot Brushless ARTR Coverall (Wireless)C7626F-B PACK
TrenchRover 110ROV underwater robot Brushless ARTR Coverall (Wireless)C7626F-B PACK
TrenchRover 110ROV underwater robot Brushless ARTR Coverall (Wireless)C7626F-B PACK
[C7626F-B PAC]

Ship introduction:
TrenchRover is designed for underwater reseacher and FPV enthusiast.It has 4 vector propellers,2 high lumen LED spotlights,they supply unbelieve Maneuverability and task functions .
TrenchRover is a stable platform for take still photos and videos underwater .It can still suspended,Squirm speed to high speed.Through percision adjust 4 propellers manually or automatically.You can keep ROV still or walk around the target take photos and videos very closely.2 high lumen LED spotlights supply bright view in deep dark water.
TrenchRover has 2 camera mounts,suit for some typies HD sport camrea such as Gopro HERO series,Fore camera can take mostly views and rear camera can take videos for target heading view when it follow the ROV.
TrenchRover supply 3 versions,WIFI/2.4G wireless/Cable,you can control ROV and watch real-time screen by cellphone(pad),RC or GrandStation.
ARTR introduction:

Brushless ARTR(Wireless) Control Version:
is the Finished model,include 4pcs brushless motors,4pcs brushless ESC,2pcs underwater floodlamp,3-axis gyro,5 meters cable with floating antenna, 8Ch 2.4G RC,5.8G video transmitter, display panel, EgleII Eye camera with SD card. Ready to run.
Notice:not include the battery,Because the battery is dangerous goods, prohibited air transport.

Delivery time:
If not in stock, Kit delivery time is 3-5 weeks, ARTR delivery time is 5-10 weeks.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 19. November 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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